Stuck on a problem you have no idea how to do? With βoulders™ (BetaBoulders), you can share beta! Climbers of all levels can browse and share beta on submitted routes. You can tick off the ones you've done, check out what's at the gym, or get inspiration for a new route to set. This information is shared with friends and your home gym. This is all made convenient and possible with our βTags™ which allows you to scan on the spot and routesetters to easily switch tags!

We are online community for rock climbers, connecting people with a common passion for everything indoor bouldering and climbing related. We strive to grow this vibrant community, and foster even more interest in the world of rock climbing!


Check into your gym with your phone.
Create, tick, rate, and browse climbs at any gym.
Scan tags or browse to view route information, annotated images, and beta video.
Track progress and get detailed stats from your ticked climbs.
Share and compare climbs with friends.
Participate in member competitions with real time live scoring.
Web hosted so you never have to download an app.

The Team

David Lac


Full Stack Engineer, Founder

"I found other climbing apps lacking the same focus as I do as a climber, and that's beta. So I developed BetaBoulders as a passion project to connect climbers, setters, and their gym in one fluid environment with beta as the focus."

Ryan Hiroto

Sales and Outreach

CJ Ngo


Andrew Sheng

QA Engineer